Some news about this wildly unpopular site

This blog has a habit of laying dormant for long periods of time. Most of the time, it is my own fault, of course, as I don’t particularly consider this a priority. But in recent months, it has gone quiet because I have concentrated my writing efforts elsewhere.


Over the past year, I have contributed the odd post to Chris Pollitt’s award-winning site, Not £2 Grand, which I have linked to here on occasion. It has been enjoyable to do so – Not £2 Grand fits well with my interests and the reality of my own automotive world. After a bit of discussion with Chris, and a brief meeting in a corner of a gritty West Yorkshire industrial estate, across the bonnet of a crusty W124, some plans were hatched for me to write there more regularly. I even have my own login now.


Not £2 Grand is all about budget motoring: exploring the huge variety of cars you can own for under £2000, features on technical stuff about working on and improving those cars, and stories of cheap car adventures. I really like what Chris is doing with it, and I’m happy to be able to help him out a little bit more over there as he works on growing the site.

As a result, this blog won’t be seeing much activity anymore. But that’s okay, because with the exception of a bizarrely popular post on changing the thermostat on a VAG 1.8T engine, Not £2 Grand is far more exciting than anything I have ever managed to drum up here.

Be sure to visit the site, and follow on Twitter, Instagram, and the Facebook. And if all you want to do is read the stuff I write, you can do so here.

Liquid matters

Not counting the fuel in your tank, your car will have at least twenty litres of different fluids in it. Those fluids all perform crucial functions, and you need to keep a close watch on them if you are going to enjoy motoring adventures that do not end in some kind of catastrophic fashion.

Screen Shot 2017-12-01 at 16.19.18

Over at Not £2 Grand (which you ought to follow on Twitter and Facebook, by the way), I have a new post telling you a little bit about all these different fluids and helping you think about how to keep them healthy. Head on over and have a read, because ‘ultimately, your vehicle’s fluids are vital to its life, and there are few more important things you can do for your car than to keep them all clean and topped up’. You can find the full post here.

Your daily driver need not be boring

Sure, you could buy that Fiesta or Golf. Most people would. After all, you want to be sensible with your money, and find a cheap but reliable daily driver. But why not find a balance between sensible and interesting? It can be done, as many have proven. In fact, in just the last few days, I have found three cars that would tick these boxes admirably.

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