Take the long way, it’s good for you

A few times a year, I go to a meeting near Scarborough for a couple of days, and the usual route to get there from my home in the Selby area is to take the A19 to the A64, and the A64 across, as highlighted on the map below. If there is no traffic, this route should take right about an hour. However, this is a journey I make somewhat regularly, and only once have I managed to do it in an hour. Usually it will be one hour and fifteen minutes; my most recent trip took over an hour and a half. Continue reading “Take the long way, it’s good for you”

If there’s a good driving road here, I can’t see it

Ford Europe ran a video series a few months ago highlighting some of Europe’s greatest driving roads. One episode covered the road over Blakey Ridge, which runs north-south across the North Yorkshire Moors National Park.

The road is only an hour’s drive from where I live, so I┬áset out eagerly on Saturday┬ámorning to try it out for myself. And then this happened.


I’m sure there is a good driving road here, but I’ll have to wait to make that judgement until I can see more than 50 metres in front of me.