Why the hype over the Bugatti Chiron?

I confess to being underwhelmed by the new Bugatti Chiron, revealed today at the Geneva Motor Show. For one, it doesn’t look significantly different from the Veyron, and as it’s already speculated to be in production until 2024, that is a long time to hold on to what is pretty much the same design.

The second reason I’m not so impressed is because of these statistics:

Considering the Chiron has a nearly 50% power advantage over the Veyron, its performance gains are negligible, even if the new top speed is limited due to the limitations and durability of tyres.

I have no doubt that the Chiron bears the marks of incredible engineering (and it better for its £2 million price tag!). But this seems to add a bit more evidence to what I was saying the other day about how much power can realistically be harnessed. Again, it seems to be a numbers game more than anything else. 

(Image via @autocar)

Does the new Arash AF10 have too much power?

Autocar is reporting that the British supercar maker, Arash, is to launch an all-new version of the AF10 at the Geneva Motor Show next month, with a 2080bhp hybrid drivetrain.

Whilst it is certainly an impressive looking machine, 2080bhp sounds like a ridiculously excessive amount of power. And the quoted statistics prove the point: 0-60 in 2.8 seconds and a top speed of 200mph. For the sake of comparison, the McLaren P1 is just as fast (if not a little faster), and has less than half the power. 

Dodge had this problem with the Viper some years ago; they added power, but it wasn’t getting any faster. The point is that there seems to be a limit to the kind of power it is possible to harness in road car guise. So is Arash just playing a numbers game?