Your daily driver need not be boring

Sure, you could buy that Fiesta or Golf. Most people would. After all, you want to be sensible with your money, and find a cheap but reliable daily driver. But why not find a balance between sensible and interesting? It can be done, as many have proven. In fact, in just the last few days, I have found three cars that would tick these boxes admirably.

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I sold a car on eBay without any hassle

It took me a year to sell my 1999 BMW 528i. No, I did not spend a year advertising it and dealing with no-shows and time wasters. It just took that long to work up the courage to actually list the car on eBay.


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An interpretive guide to the eBay ad

So, you are in the market for a car, and like any reasonable person, the first place you turn is eBay. It is, after all, one of the most popular services for automotive classifieds, and with the auction feature, you might even land yourself quite a bargain.

Renault Laguna estate

After typing the make and model of your desired car into the search bar (which is hopefully not a Renault Laguna Estate), you open the first of the search results and are confronted with a bunch of unfamiliar and slightly suspicious sounding phrases. What do they mean? If you read these phrases and thoughts like ‘This is too good to be true’ begin rolling through your head, you should probably trust that instinct. Because the fact is that they are often used to cover up a less-than-ideal vehicle. Continue reading “An interpretive guide to the eBay ad”

If you want to sell me your car, here’s what I’m looking for

I’m always on the hunt for another car, and there are few days that go by in which I don’t spend at least five minutes on eBay scrolling through what’s on offer. In the past few weeks, I’ve been searching much more regularly, and have made some observations on the type of adverts sellers are posting, most of which are quite poor. So what makes for a good eBay ad?


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How to be endlessly distracted

I’ve recently discovered a Twitter account called UK Classic Cars. It’s a feed that posts recent listings for older cars for sale on eBay. The worst thing about it is that most of the listings are posted with accompanying photos, and as a result, you can’t help but click through to view the listing.


By any measure it’s a great account, but if you follow, be aware that your productivity (and potentially your wallet!) will suffer.