Here I am looking like a dork in my first car. I was 18 and trying desperately to look cool, but you can only do so much when you’re sat in a poverty-spec Mazda 626 and ask your Mum to take a photo of you.


Still, that first car has a lot of memories wrapped up in it, not least because it was the start of a whole new range of experiences shared with a group of friends who were also buying their first cars at the same time. As I was looking at the photo again not too long ago, I decided it would be fun to put together a little something over at Not £2 Grand with a few stories about those early cars. Working hard and digging deep into our pockets to scrape together just enough to get us mobile, we had some interesting adventures in the process, and it was enjoyable to revisit those. I hope you enjoy it too, and especially the window into a different, and slightly colder, world.

You can find the post here. And be sure to follow Not £2 Grand on Twitter and Facebook.



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