Last night, my wife was trying to find something on Google Maps, and in the process noticed that the satellite image that contains our house had been refreshed recently. Looking more closely, we realised that we could pin it down to a two-week period this summer, because there were three cars outside our house – the Outback on the driveway, and the E39 and Leon on the road. I bought the Outback on 16 June, and sold the E39 two weeks later.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 15.48.16 (2)

Now curious about whether I could spot other cars I’ve owned by searching for the different places I have lived, I started to type in the addresses, but found that most of the satellite views or street view images had been updated quite recently. This morning, however, someone informed me that Google keeps a cache of old street view images, accessed by clicking on the date at the top left of the street view screen. Again, none of the dates corresponded with when I lived at my various past addresses, but I did happen to find an image of me driving a white GMC Yukon XL in 2011, when I lived in Orlando, Florida, and spent a year working for Hertz as a driver. I remember seeing the street view car as I was pulling out of the petrol station, and made a note to check the location online later.

Screen Shot 2018-10-15 at 15.52.58 (1)

Some folks on Twitter found their old cars in response to my initial tweet, and it makes for a bit of a fun game. Which of your cars can you find?

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