Honest John certainly thinks so. In the past few weeks, they’ve featured both a 75 and a ZT, noting that these are modern classics worth buying. And that is even more true as good examples can easily be picked up for under £1000 at the moment. ‘If ever there was a car that has become the epitome of an up-and-coming classic,’ they wrote yesterday, ‘the Rover 75 is it.’


Largely engineered by BMW, the 75 and ZT are well-built cars, and the KV6 engine in particular commands a lot of praise (after BMW worked its magic on it, that is), some going so far as to suggest it is bomb-proof. You’d definitely want to look for one that’s had a recent cambelt change, however – it’s a solid £800+ job, and even if you were to do it yourself, the whole kit will run you at least £250, not to mention the time you’ll need to carry out such a complex task. That being said, a quick check of the eBay listings regularly turns up decent examples. That’s good news, because as Honest John says, ‘now…is the time to strike, while there is still a strong supply of above average examples left.’

I’d have the ZT over the 75, as I think it looks better, and will be more enjoyable to drive. But lest you’re worried about whether or not it’s ‘cool’ to own a 75/ZT, this guy from Sweden has gone and made it look like an attractive option.

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