I was in a cafe yesterday morning, and from where I sat I had a good view of the car park. Naturally, as I was meant to be doing some work, I spent most of the time looking out the window and turned my observations to how people parked their cars. A few things became immediately apparent:

  1. Most people don’t know how to park. Very few cars ended up straight between the lines, and at least half of those who pulled in reversed again in order to straighten their cars in the spot. This Renault Scenic I took a short video of was not alone in having such difficulty parking.


  2. Despite what you are taught in driver training, the vast majority of people do not reverse into parking spots.
  3. Being a slightly narrower car park, those who did not reverse it generally had a lot of difficulty reversing out of their spots. Not only that, but in doing so, they held up traffic – in some cases, for quite a considerable amount of time.
  4. Those who did reverse into spots, however, almost always parked straighter, and generally parked much more quickly. There was the occasional exception, such as this Hyundai ix35.

Considering how often a driver has to park in a car park – most people will get a chance to practice at least once a day – it really baffles me how many people are incapable of doing so quickly and easily. Are drivers really just that inattentive to what they are doing?

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